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Our Story

Everything we wear is about STYLE. 
Mask and Eyeglass have become an integral part of our life. How about wearing them with STYLE?

The Color Craft USA designs Multi-Use Long Chains that can be worn everyday as a Necklace or a Mask Chain or an Eyeglass Chain.
Voila! a Convertible 3-in-1 Long ChainApart from being a pretty necklace, they help keep your mask/eyeglass on you at all times, it stays on your body when you take off the mask/ eyeglass, without the fear of misplacing it.
It keeps the mask/ eyeglass firm & safe.
The 3-in-1 Long Chain is very easy-to-use, practical, functional, convenient & comfortable.
From simple wear to statement pieces,
The Color Craft USA carries an exquisite range of styles. Handcrafted with passion, the 3-in-1 Long Chains are trendy, affordable, lightweight and stylish.

Ideal for women of all ages, it brings joy to the wearer. We believe that you should have jewelry to go with every outfit, and with our affordable trendy designer wear—YOU CAN!

This trendy & designer 3-in-1 Long Chain will be “Your New Fashion Statement” in the new normal life. 
Buy 3-in-1 Long Chain/Necklace Online from The Color Craft USA!!
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